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Africa in the Diaspora and the Diaspora in Africa

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Two bodies of knowledge that are treated as distinct and separate will be connected on the basis of themes around the notion of a diaspora connected with Africa. Some scholars regard the study of the African diaspora as a political project, an attempt to use knowledge for the purpose of uniting Africa with the black people scattered in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. From this perspective, the dominant issues relate to the marginalization...

Successful African Ladies in the diaspora
Successful African Ladies

Policies on diaspora engagement are likely to be more effective when championed in government at the highest level, through a dedicated ministry or office, committee or commission attached to the Head of State.

12 African States have a primary responsibility to protect, support and enable the African diaspora, both as countries of origin and host countries.

Junot Diaz said “My African roots made me what I am today. They are the reason I exist at all. To these roots I owe everything.” “To these roots I owe my all”

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