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Our Team.

​​This organization and all employees and officers must respect and obey the laws, rules, and regulations of the cities, states, and countries in which we operate. Our ethical standards and the foundation on which we operate are in obeying the law both in letter and in spirit.

As we are dispersed and operating in many countries, employees and officers may not be expected to know the details of the laws, rules, and regulations in a particular country. However, it is important for our employees to know enough to determine when to seek advice from supervisors, managers, or other appropriate personnel concerning compliance and legal matters in every country where we operate.


Global African Diaspora Development Network

Current Board Members

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Let us not again hear or watch from outside while others make it happen. Therefore, let us yield to the task of Connecting, uniting, and Developing Africa, and making it strong and competitive for the 21st century and beyond.

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Philip Ayeni
Sharron Jackson
Jeffrey Leach
Henry Crichlow
Pst Ighodalo
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