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Global African Diaspora Development Network

Dear Africans, Diasporans, and Friends:

There is a divergence of African descendants in the Diaspora today, scattered in every country and continents of the world. Some came hundreds of years ago and some within the past fifty years and to date. Regardless of when you or your ancestors came out of Africa, as long as you are an African by blood, you have heritage and connection to the motherland. You have rights to the land of Africa.

Are you satisfied with the plight of Africa today and African descendants worldwide in the Diaspora?

Many times, I ask the question, where are the well-learned Africans in the Diaspora? Why are they not flocking to Africa to build up Africa commensurate to what they see and enjoy in other countries and continents of the world where they reside. Questions like these birthed the idea for Global African Diaspora Development Network.

Personal experience, news reports, inter-racial problems on campuses or on the streets and in the communities tend to disparage the African in Diaspora regardless of his or her profession, education, economic and community status. The political and technological state of Africa makes me question the whereabouts of the Diaspora in changing Africa. Popular opinions have emerged that unless the African continent is fixed by the African descendants abroad and on the continent, respect and honor will continue to elude the Africans old and new in the Diaspora and the Africans on the continent.

There are hundreds of thousands of educated and successful Africans living, working and flourishing in all corners of the world. We have turned Africa over to a gang of (thugs) unsavory characters, leading to a continent where continual coups, corruption, and chaos have become the norm. No one, no matter how benevolent, can cure Africa from the current state of affairs unless the Diaspora Africans take the lead and, with their collective knowledge and wisdom, turn the African ships of state around. That is the challenge and this is our message to you.

Our Mission is to serve as a gateway in bringing about changes that will impact the Africans in Diaspora and on the Continent. To accomplish this, we aim at creating effective programs, personal responsibilities and sustainable development activities that can be replicated in various African nations and in Diaspora.

Our activities and programs are built on the principles of accountability, commitment, and effectiveness. We aim at building partnerships with diverse groups, friends of Africa, local communities and organizations in and outside Africa to accomplish our goals and objectives.


We identify with the challenges that confront Africans in Diaspora and part of the solution is in working together to bring about spiritual, social and economic change through activities and programs that directly improve the lives of children, families and communities affected by illness, HIV/AIDS, poverty, etc., etc,.


We are motivated through the love and compassion we have in bringing hope to the less privileged Africans in Diaspora and on the continent of Africa. We must resolve within ourselves and together face our plights and jointly agree to solve our problems…..ourselves. PLEASE JOIN US, it’s a new dawn!!! Thank you.



"Let us not let Africa be arrogated anymore to the caricature of hunger and poverty for lack of development while the wealth of the land undeveloped is shipped abroad."

Our Mission

Our Mission

Be a gateway to Connect, collaborate and partner with various networks of African descendants in Diaspora worldwide and Africans on the Continent.


Our Vision

Unite African descendants globally to effectively utilize their positions, influence, and resources to contribute to building a strong and respected community wherever they are in Diaspora and participate in building an economically thriving Africa.


We Need Your Support Today!

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