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There are hundreds of thousands of educated and successful Africans living, working, and flourishing in all corners of the world, it's time we all started connecting.


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Our activities and programs are built on the principles of accountability, commitment, and effectiveness. We aim at building partnerships with diverse groups, friends of Africa, local communities and organizations in and outside Africa to accomplish our goals and objectives.

We identify with the challenges that confront Africans in Diaspora and part of the solution is in working together to bring about spiritual, social and economic change through activities and programs that directly improve the lives of children, families and communities affected by illness, HIV/AIDS, poverty, etc., etc,.

We are motivated through the love and compassion we have in bringing hope to the less privileged Africans in Diaspora and on the continent of Africa. We must resolve within ourselves and together face our plights and jointly agree to solve our problems…..ourselves. PLEASE JOIN US, it’s a new dawn!!! Thank you.


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Address: 330 West Gray Street,
Suite 100-6 Norman,
OK 73069


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It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: +1-405-701-1594

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